Responsible Tourism Policy

City Central Motel Apartments understands our business practices have a direct impact on the environment in which we operate. We will try to actively reduce any adverse effects through buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and providing an environmentally and socially responsible service without compromising our guests comfort.

We work hard to support our natural environment by undertaking a number of actions. We recognize the importance of taking steps to achieve sound environmental performance in a considerate and efficient manner.

We welcome our guests' decision to cooperate and participate in these energy conserving programmes and initiatives.

City Central Apartments is presently engaged in activities that include

Reducing our demand on energy by:
  • Offering a towel and linen change system which ensures you're helping the environment by reducing energy and waste.
  • Introducing energy efficient light bulbs to all areas of the complex.
  • Explaining to guests how they can park their cars and walk to inner city attractions and public transportation hubs.
  • Offering extended car parking before check in and after check out.
  • Promoting Shuttle usage for airport, railway and other transfers on email confirmations.
  • Controlling garden lights with daylight sensors.
  • Guest laundry washing machine set on cold water.